Working alongside Saatchi & Saatchi, Rich and the Framestore VFX team collaborated closely on ideas and techniques so that the transition between production and post was seamless and as visually unified as possible. 

The campaign comprises two spots, the first of which sees the all-new Prius go head-to-head with its own shadow. Building the tension, the antagonistic shadow taunts the vehicle as it revs its engine and inches closer and closer to the intersection, waiting impatiently for the red light to turn green. In an instant, the light changes and the Prius launches itself forward whipping through the streets of Downtown LA with all of its newfound might and attitude, getting a jumpstart on its shadow, which is now completely disconnected and working hard to keep up.

The second spot opens to a flock of sheep, representing the “same old, same old” vehicles going about their business in the city. The Prius, beautifully symbolic of the future, gracefully slices through with its sleek black facade against the direction of the sheep.

“Rich was the ultimate collaborator in bringing this unexpectedly bold campaign to life,” said Saatchi & Saatchi Creatives, Scott Ellman and Andrew Reizuch. “Building off our vision, his directorial approach was the perfect complement for our simple, visually driven stories. His calm leadership and technical expertise helped ensure that each spot felt visceral and real, brimming with attitude befitting the redesigned Prius. Together, we’re proud to deliver work that changes the perception of this iconic vehicle.”