Directed and creatively led by Framestore Pictures director William Bartlett, the promo focuses on the idea of the lionesses entering into people's lives and morning routines across the country, bringing the new tournament front-of-mind, and reflecting the calm confidence of the Euros-winning England team. 

The film is a combination of both CG and real lionesses, the latter filmed against green screen on location in South Africa.  

To amplify the excitement and anticipation of the impending tournament, the team also added flags and ITV branding throughout the spot.

The final grade was provided by Colourist Matthieu Toullet at Company 3. 

William Bartlett said: “It was an incredible project to be involved with. ITV Creative were great to collaborate with and we had a lot of fun creating the scenes we could drop our lionesses into. And as always, the VFX crew at Framestore hit it out of the park delivering outstanding work worthy of such a strong creative idea. Now all that's left to do is sit back and enjoy the tournament!”