Everyone deserves to feel safe in Verkada’s latest brand film. Renowned Framestore Pictures Director Ivan Bird teamed up with the cloud-based security and operating systems company for their first-ever brand spot, leveraging the breadth of Framestore’s capabilities with production by Framestore Pictures and VFX by Framestore.

Throughout the 60-second commercial we see a mirage of varying secure moments spanning a lifetime. From the classroom to the workplace, from infancy to old age, the visuals and adjoined voice over beautifully illustrate the parallel between safe computing and the comforting embrace of security in significant moments,relationships and spaces.

Bird comments, “Collaborating with the clients, Bo, Shane, and Barbara, was an absolute delight, as they made the creative process incredibly smooth and efficient. I love the end result of the film. Together, we managed to infuse it with a genuine humanity and warmth, avoiding any sense of detachment or emotional void. I believe viewers will have a deeper connection to Verkada, understanding the brand's purpose and the incredible individuals behind it.”