From the Battlefield franchise to Mirror's Edge and the Star Wars Battlefront series, DICE is the developer behind some of the most recognisable games in the world. The project with the Art Department will see the team of artists developing visuals for an upcoming AAA game on DICE’s slate.

‘Getting the visual language right for a game is so important in quickly establishing a connection with players. Helping to shape that is what our artists do so well and it’s what makes our work so incredibly exciting,’ said Martin Macrae, Head of Art Department at Framestore. ‘There are so many people at Framestore who immerse themselves in video games so I’m looking forward to seeing how our artists extend their skills into that world with this DICE project.’

The team’s aim is simple; to enable clients to fully visualise their project. EA DICE joins the list of industry-leading clients who come to Framestore’s Art Department to help them realise their ideas whether it’s characters or environments in film and television as well as new products, locations, theme park rides or attractions.