• Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode

    VES (Nominated)

‘See has been designed to feel raw and rugged, so everything Framestore has delivered had to reflect that,’ said Pedro Sabrosa, VFX Supervisor at Framestore. ‘We needed to do our part in bringing to life the world in which these characters inhabit and make it feel as real as possible.’

Framestore’s VFX work can be seen in over 100 shots in sequences throughout six of the series’ eight episodes, having delivered a wide range of work including creature work on a CGI spider, FX water and fire and the creation and replacement of several sprawling complex environments.

The largest sequence in the series that Framestore delivered was a huge bridge crossing in the series’ first episode that saw its talented artists creating a gorge and a raging river from scratch and producing several digidoubles of on-screen actors for the bridge-break moment itself, created entirely in CGI.

‘One of the more interesting things about the current landscape of episodic content is the wide range of effects that we need to bring to life all the different kinds of stories that audiences are now consuming,’ said Christopher Gray, Executive Producer at Framestore. ‘As such, the work we’ve delivered on this series is totally unique to the events that place in this world and I think the end result is something really special.’