“Raise Your Arches” tells a story of a group of office workers who, through a series of these unspoken invitations, conspire together to head to McDonald’s. The film begins in a typical office, a heavy folder of papers is slammed onto a desk. With a sigh, two colleagues catch each other’s eye. One of them raises their eyebrows to the other in a knowing way, she understands exactly what that means. They nod in agreement and head off. With smiles on their faces, they walk purposefully through the office: raising their ‘arches’ to their colleagues in a universally understood gesture. It doesn’t take long for the whole office to join in, it’s a lunchtime escape - window cleaners and postman included, in an ultimate shared moment of release.

Framestore provided the VFX with Stef Perry at Company 3 handling the grade.

Framestore Flame Lead Darran Nicholson said: “It was great to work with a brand that enjoys encouraging an element of fun in their campaigns. This was a simple idea, but when the edit is cut and the content carefully choregraphed with a soundtrack (especially a well-known classic), it becomes very powerful”.

The film launched on January 13th on social and TV.