David Mellor, Director, Chicago
'The key to telling this story was to put the viewer in the shoes of these kids, which made VR and 360 perfect mediums. For the first time ever, people attending the luncheon were actually able to see, hear, and feel what it is like to be child in West Garfield Park.
Working closely with the team at Ogilvy Chicago, we interviewed a selection of kids from OTSC to hear their stories first hand.  We selected the most impactful experiences to build the foundation for the story, and we then began to explore locations around West Garfield to give a visual backdrop to the powerful words.'

'We then captured their experience at Off the Street Club. There, the kids engage in a variety of educational and playful activities from computer and software training, crafting, soapbox racer-building, gym, skating, and choir. Capturing these warm and happy scenes gave the perfect contrast to the fear and isolation the kids feel when they walk around their neighborhood. Seeing their genuine smiles in VR - making eye contact and waving to you as if you’re actually there with them – impacts you on a very human level.'

Krystina Wilson, Managing Director, Chicago
'When the Ogilvy team approached us about this project, we knew that whatever the brief, we wanted to be involved. Our team at Framestore really responded to Ogilvy's initiative to use VR as a platform, allowing attendees to be immersed in an environment that was probably foreign to them - whether that be the streets of West Garfield Park or The Club itself. For a brief moment, you experience the world through the eyes of these resilient kids; you hear the loss of innocence, and you feel the juxtaposition of the dangerous streets of West Garfield Park with the safety, security and hope that radiates out of OTSC. It is such an impactful way to begin the luncheon, and make all attendees feel even more inspired by the cause. 

Having attended the OTSC luncheon in previous years, I know the impact that meeting these kids and learning about OTSC had on me, and I was so excited for our team to participate in this unforgettable project.'

Visit their website to learn more about Off The Street Club and support their cause.