The goal of the project was to place the Gecko in a historical setting, both as something fresh for the brand, but also as a way of connecting with the Marvel film which spans across various historical periods. 

Alongside The Martin Agency, Chris and Andy were tasked with overseeing the project from start to finish. Bringing a cinematic level of production design, the scene was directly influenced by the film, carefully mimicking backdrops, props and costumes.

The Framestore VFX team based in New York worked their magic on the animation of the Gecko, light rendering, compositing and a final color grade by Steffan Perry in London. The Babylonian environment shots also called for set extensions with digital matte painting, including rebuilding the historical Ishtar Gate as referenced in the Eternals film, while the first and last shots were created completely in CG.

“This project was such a great opportunity for me to lean into my comedic directorial background while reimagining the iconic character of the Gecko in a historical setting,” said Waitt. “Working closely with the talented creatives at The Martin Agency on animatics, castings and edits, we were able to achieve a cinematic look and feel in line with the film.”

The spot will appear on GEICO's YouTube page, broadcast and digital channels. Eternals premieres in theaters on November 5th.