The widest brief that Framestore got for an attraction at Lionsgate Entertainment World was for this fear-based VR experience that takes place within the world of the Divergent film series. As the Writer and Director of the media, Jason Fox created the concept for the 'Dauntless Fear Simulator', a location-based attraction that gives participants agency to progress through the world however they choose. This means they can repeat the experience but get different outcomes each time.

What we’ve created is a terrifying VR environment designed to put visitors on edge. It's tied to the physical world so if someone reaches out to touch an object or a textured surface, it’s really there.

Jason Fox - Creative Director

'Dauntless Fear Simulator' is one of five rides that framestore produced media for at Lionsgate Entertainment World as well as environmental media that plays throughout the park. Learn more about these attractions here:

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