The ride's media was written and directed by Jason Fox who wanted to create the most exciting narrative he could that fit in the rich and interesting world of The Hunger Games franchise, one of Lionsgate's most popular properties. 

Producing the media for Thinkwell Group meant designing and creating the world of The Capitol in CG but Framestore also needed to produce shoots with actors for the live action elements of the ride and commission the original score for the ride as well as creating characters and vehicles and mapping out the ride's route in CG. 

'Creating Mockingjay Flight as a simulation ride allowed us to put visitors into a world where anything can happen and engage them with the movie property on a level not possible anywhere else.'

Jason Fox - Creative Director

For more behind the scenes information on how we created the media for 'Mockingjay Flight', check back soon or get in touch with the team. 

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