Teaming up with Kohler’s internal creative team, the spot features epic visuals, stellar performances, and seamless product integration to showcase how the brand makes it possible to summon water like a god. ​

“What makes Kohler digital showering so special—so innovative—is how it gives you the power to control water like never before. Meaning, with a simple touch, we can create our ultimate showering experiences, personalizing every aspect down to the tiniest detail. As we began brainstorming for the campaign, we asked ourselves what—or rather, who—else has complete command of water? Leveraging Greek mythology gave us rich territory in which to play, inspiring bold visuals and even bolder storytelling. Because of the complexity of the execution and the importance of getting the right performances, it was critical that we find the right partner—and we most certainly did, with Framestore Pictures and director Murray Butler,” said Beth Kerin, Creative Director, Kohler Co.

Opening on a man enjoying his stylish Kohler shower system, the story unexpectedly dives into Poseidon's undersea domain, complete with a coral throne, Triton and octopus masseuse. Sensing that a mortal is commanding water in a way that befits a god, a furious Poseidon shoots in full force from his swimming pool and storms into the home to confront the human.

With a focus on casting, Poseidon's intensity and magnetism plays against the unassuming shower user, who gains the upper hand in the power structure once he shows Poseidon how great his set-up is.

“We set out to create a one-off character that would rival the look and feel of Marvel or DC movies,” said Butler. “We wanted to make it clear that he was Poseidon – a primal sea god, at one with the ocean – but with some unique touches that made him our very own, and the outstanding work from our makeup and costume team reflected that.”

“Our shower set was very sleek and modern, with contemporary lighting features and a gorgeous Malibu beach view,” explained Butler. “This played well against the deep blues and blacks of Poseidon's CG lair. I wanted Poseidon's power to be visible on dry land, so wherever he walked, shimmering caustic light followed him. Director of Photography David Procter did a wonderful job achieving this practically, thanks to some Roscoe specialist lights that he brought with him from the UK. Now that’s dedication to the craft!”

To create Poseidon’s lair, Framestore’s VFX team created a hyper realistic CG coral reef foreground paired with matte painted sea cliffs and kelp forests in the background, adding animated sea life throughout. Butler and the team’s attention to seamlessly blending VFX and in-camera shots into one fluid story transports the viewer to the magical underwater kingdom, and beyond. ​