With the help of Droga5, Molson Coors has seized the opportunity to creatively feature several of their brands in one action-packed spot. Star director Ian Pons Jewell hones his impeccable craft with stunning kung fu-esque choreography and a comedic twist in this tale of two brands battling it out to be front and center of their own commercial.

The casual rivalry between Coors Light and Miller Lite unravels into a hilariously absurd all-out bar fight, and has audiences on the edge of their seats to learn who will come out on top until the very end. To add to the hype in a Super Bowl advertising ‘first,’ fans were also able to make predictions on the outcome of the spot via DraftKings.

A spot of this nature required intense pre-planning to ensure a turnkey post production process within the tight deadline. Framestore’s New York-based VFX team supported the fight sequence by creating a CG ceiling when the set didn’t allow for one, invisible VFX to remove the actors’ stunt harnesses, complex FX simulations and animation for breaking through walls and shattering the glass on watch faces, beer coasters becoming ninja stars thanks to CG, composited flying hotdogs and camera stitching between shots.

“It’s always rewarding to work on campaigns in which the creativity transcends what we are used to seeing in a commercial," said Framestore Creative Director Martin Lazaro. “The mix of comedy, absurdity, and a stylized fight scene, works fantastically. Ian Pons Jewell, of course, did an amazing job to push the scripts to the limit.”

Final color grade was completed by colorist Tim Masick of Company 3.