'Greg is an innovator in design with digital technology. That’s a space where Framestore’s expertise intersects. Bringing together tangential partners creates hybrid workflows that enable us to break new ground.'

Ben West - Creative Director

Innovative Partnerships

Two architects and a robot walk into a visual effects studio...turns out not to be the beginning of a joke, but the start of innovation from unlikely partnerships. Turning the corner from VR entertainment to VR industrial application, Framestore is paving the way through innovative and unique partnerships with leaders like Piaggio Fast Forward's Chief Creative Officer Greg Lynn. Framestore Director and Creative Director Ben West forged a partnership with Lynn through their mutual backgrounds in architectural design, and lecturing at UCLA Suprastudio.

Motion Capture Lab

Using our motion capture array within Framestore's Los Angeles facility, the team was able to capture human behaviors and visualise the motion in real-time. These behaviors were then translated into a bespoke Unity game engine template. From this VR platform the Gita engineers could design, review and modify interactions to predict smart robotic behaviors in response to specific human movements.

Research & Development

Through Framestore's integrated R&D process, Gita engineers were provided an incredibly useful VR tool for predictive behaviors within confined environments. These detailed functionalities allow product developers to visualize multiple iterations and analyze the intricacies of human movement—a critical process in Gita’s development.

Moving Forward

Piaggio Fast Forward's motto is 'autonomy for humans', which means autonomy in the service of humans as well as greater freedom, pleasure, and efficiency in movement. Unlike robotics companies that focus on tasks performed by machines, Piaggio, the Italian motor vehicle manufacturer (and maker of Vespa) founded Boston-based Piaggio Fast Forward to design lightweight autonomous vehicles with a people-centric focus. Gita encourages an active lifestyle for anyone who wants to move with ease, from millennials and parents to seniors and disabled individuals. Framestore is proud to work with PFF and their mission to promote walkable, livable, vibrant communities filled with enhanced transportation options that enrich the lives of all.