The campaign consists of four spots, with Arnett and the Gecko vying to outdo each other when it comes to their knowledge of GEICO’s insurance bundling capabilities. Whether it’s at a dinner party, moving house, or saving puppies, they won’t stop until they come out on top. 

Teaming up with The Martin Agency once again, Framestore brought the Gecko to life in all his VFX glory. Maya was used for rigging and animation, while Houdini was leveraged for lighting, enabling the team to quickly bring these single-location spots to life. Compositing and finishing were completed using Nuke and Flame.

Will Frazier, an Associate Creative Director at Framestore, has been animating the Gecko character since 2008. His extensive experience enables him to collaborate closely with The Martin Agency's creative team in bringing these commercials to life on screen.

“This project was a blast,” said Frazier. “Having a personality like Will Arnett opposite the Gecko allowed the team to explore new aspects of his character that we don’t often see. Turns out, the Gecko is just as human as the rest of us.”

“Yet again Framestore has made another engaging and charming Gecko campaign,” said The Martin Agency’s Creative Directors, Kim Nguyen & Kate Placentra. “But this time, seeing him play off of Will Arnett was a real treat. Having the Gecko’s little facial expressions go from shock, disgust, frustration, to eventually frenemy acceptance, was a joy to work on with the Framestore team. Our dearest, Will Frazier, was able to make that moment and that pickle drop iconic. Thank you for all that you do!”