"Ulysses came to life, it was so exciting. You could see the wind going through his fur when he flies. You could see the food debris on the whiskers and the tiny glint in his eyes."

Lena Khan - Director

"I wanted Ulysses to be a legit, hard-core force of nature. It had to be like, 'I can buy into this superhero."

Lena Khan - Director

  • Annie Awards

    Best Character Animation - Live Action


  • VES

    Outstanding Animated Character in a Photoreal Feature



‘Flora & Ulysses’ Review: Cynics, Prepare to Be Won Over by a Superhero Squirrel on Disney+'


'With his luxurious auburn fur, adorable tufted ears and capacity to make incredibly nuanced facial expressions, Ulysses is but the latest computer-animated companion in a genre that dates back to Stuart Little'


'It’s all about the squirrel.'

Alyson Hannigan in The Boston Herald

'The director turned into a squirrel fan girl watching Ulysses soar on a big screen for the first time.'

USA Today

'When I saw the final product (Ulysses), I was blown away because I knew it'd be good, but it's fantastic.'

Alyson Hannigan in Too Fab

'A 10-year-old cynic, a bushy-tailed superhero and a cast stacked with beloved comic actors make this lovable Disney film something to see.'

The New York Times