Air New Zealand wanted to channel the spirit of a traditional social gathering through the most innovative of technologies, and set Framestore to work, experimenting at every opportunity to see how far it could push the boundaries of what’s possible with the Magic Leap platform.

The result is a quiz game that asks four players to choose whether statements about the country are ‘fact or fantasy’, showcasing New Zealand as a holiday destination. The team commissioned the build of a physical 3D game board and designed a whole host of CG elements for the players to interact with including a digital kiwi bird as the game’s host, helicopters, whales, locations and an Air New Zealand aircraft. 

Sir William Sargent, CEO, Framestore says: ‘We are storytellers at Framestore, first and foremost; innovation courses in our veins. The promise of mixed reality excites us enormously, and we are delighted that this project with Air New Zealand and Magic Leap provides us with the chance to show the world the extraordinary potential of this new medium, as we experiment with new ways to share narratives.

Air New Zealand General Manager of Global Brand and Content Marketing, Jodi Williams, says harnessing new technologies to connect with existing and future customers is a strategic priority for Air New Zealand.

This partnership is an important step towards understanding the part spatial computing could play in the future customer experience both on the ground and in the air.

By getting in early and being both a developer and creator we have been able to test and learn, creating an incredible platform from which to explore the potential of this technology as part of our Future Aircraft Cabin Experience programme including concepts such as being able to reframe customers’ perceptions of the physical cabin environment.'


Watch Framestore's Simon Whalley present the experience as part of the #LEAPcon keynote, in the video below.


  • Best Augmented Reality Experience


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