Our NY VFX artists, led by Vicky Osborn (Creative Director), Andre Vidal (VFX Supervisor/Compositing Lead) and Pat Ross (CG Lead), collaborated with director Frederic Planchon, Anonymous, BBDO and colourist Jean-Clement Soret of Company 3 to bring to life the mesmerizing spot, which celebrates GE’s past, present and future.

In order to capture the dreamy essence of the spot, Framestore’s artists crafted the key CG elements seen throughout the sequence, including the CG wind turbine and plane flying through the grandiose library, ensuring every detail conveyed the surreal look and feel.

The CG library extensions presented an exciting challenge, demanding meticulous attention to detail due to their size. Artistically, the team creatively addressed the task of making the expanded architecture visually engaging, incorporating realistic lighting and texture into a seemingly unreal space. This was achieved through a combination of CG and compositing, resulting in a captivating spot that highlights GE's history and ongoing commitment to innovation.

“We worked closely with Frederic and the team at BBDO to visualize the story of Aisha as she moves into a dream world that transports her and the viewer through a series of spectacular feats of innovation and engineering powered by GE. The wonderful challenge was playing with the scale of the worlds and how the different components could interact together with the original library setting to create a beautiful dreamscape.”

-Vicky Osborn, Creative Director


“It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate closely with director Frederic Planchon and Anonymous, and to walk side by side through this journey with the team at BBDO and GE. From the inception during the pre-production phase, analyzing the script, creating concepts and developing assets, it was evident that we were diving into a project that presented its fair share of challenges. However, this is what we love to do, and projects like this remind us how passionate we are for this industry. I couldn’t be prouder of the whole team.”

-Andre Vidal, VFX Supervisor/Compositing Lead


“There are not many projects where we get the opportunity to explore the world of dreams, capturing the places we find ourselves in our minds the moment we have an epiphany or envision a better world. GE gave us the freedom to explore these surreal moments and I couldn't be more proud of how the team here at Framestore brought it to life in a way that really immerses you. Needless to say I've watched it many times over and it captivates me every time!”

-Pat Ross, CG Lead