THEA Award Win

Thursday 19 November 2020

We are absolutely thrilled that 'Midnight Ride', the group VR attraction at Lionsgate Entertainment World has been awarded a THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement by the Themed Entertainment Association. 

The TEA Thea Awards honour people, projects and technologies that represent excellence in the visitor attractions industry. This is the second attraction that Framestore has been a part of that's been awarded by THEA as the creative studio has spent the last few years becoming a key player within theme park attractions and location-based entertainment. 

One of the most technically-impressive attractions at Lionsgate Entertainment World, 'Midnight Ride' is an exciting group VR experience that sees visitors mount motorcycles to join Jacob Black and his wolfpack in a journey through the forest to hunt down newborn vampires. Framestore created the visually-exciting 90fps real-time virtual media, with audio by GCRS, that riders see within their VR headsets as they amount their motion base motorbikes to ride through the forest. The motion control is integrated seamlessly into what’s seen inside the VR experience so when a rider pulls the throttle on their bike, they both see and feel the sensation of accelerating as they speed through the forest alongside Jacob.

You can read more about how our teams delivered the project here